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Knowledge for healthy ageing Find and share knowledge that can improve the lives of older people, their families, and their communities. Learn more

Join the movement to transform the world to be a better place to grow older

Longer lives are one of humanity's greatest achievements. But longer lives are not yet healthier lives for all.We have an opportunity to change this. It's time to work together to make sure we all have the chance to maximise our later years – for current and future generations, no matter where we live.It's the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing. Will you join us?
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Latest contributions

Peaceful societies for all ages: preventing and addressing violence against older persons

14 March 2024 / Events
Recent and ongoing crises in the region such as the COVID-19 pandemic, armed conflicts, and cost-of-living pressures have contributed to an increase in violence against and abuse and neglect of older persons. Nonetheless, violence and abuse against older persons remains largely invisible and limited attention has been directed to this issue in the context of the 2030 Agenda...More

The State of Ageing in Greater Manchester

29 February 2024 / Reports
This report is a collation of the most relevant and contemporary data and evidence on ageing in Greater Manchester (GM) available in the second half of 2023...More

World Population Ageing 2023: Challenges and opportunities of population ageing in the least developed countries

17 January 2024 / Reports
World Population Ageing 2023 examines the potential of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) to...More

Longevity Economy Principles: The Foundation for a Financially Resilient Future

15 January 2024 / Reports
This report, developed by a consortium of leaders from finance, health, academia and...More

Decade News


Presenting the first ever Healthy Ageing 50: Leaders transforming the world to be a better place to grow older

22 September 2022
Fifty individuals from around the world have been recognised as part of the first ever Healthy Ageing 50: leaders transforming the world to be a better place to grow older. The individuals were evaluated by an expert panel of reviewers from across international organizations with over 500 nominations received across all Sustainable Development Goal regions. More

Launch of the Healthy Ageing Collaborative: Working together to improve the lives of older people, their families, and communities

22 September 2022
Today, we are proud to announce the Healthy Ageing Collaborative, a multisectoral and multistakeholder network to advance implementation of the United Nations Decade of Healthy Ageing (2021-2030). More

The Decade of Healthy Ageing: a new UN-wide initiative

14 December 2020
On 14 December 2020, The United Nations General Assembly declared 2021-2030 the Decade of Healthy Ageing. Health is central to our experience of older age and the opportunities that ageing brings. Initiatives undertaken as part of the Decade will seek to: change how we think, feel and act towards age and ageing; facilitate the ability of older people to participate in and contribute to their communities and society; deliver integrated care and primary health services that are responsive to the needs of the individual; and provide access to long-term care for older people who need it. More

Decade Partnering Kit

The UN Decade of Healthy Ageing is a global collaboration that brings together diverse sectors and stakeholders to improve the lives of older people, their families and communities. In short, that means everyone has something to contribute – including you!

Ready to get started? We've prepared everything you need to be part of this growing global movement.Find out more
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